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Not the first time: Bart Katureebe told Kanyeihamba that Esther Kisakye had refused to share her ruling with fellow Judges – court documents

Documents presented in a defamation case Justice Esther Kisakye filed against former Supreme Court judge George Wilson Kanyeihamba contain claims that then Chief Justice Bart Katureebe had complained against her.

This week, Justice Kisakye was in the news after drama ensued in the Supreme Court.

The judiciary accuses Kisakye of refusing to share her ruling with fellow judges.

If the claims Kanyeihamba included in his book ‘IN THE NAME OF GOD, TRUTH & JUSTICE’ – which forms part of the evidence that Kisakye adduced against the retired judge – are true, then this is not be the first time Kisakye is being accused of refusing to share her ruling.

In 2020, Kisakye sued Kanyeihamba and Michael Kalule Buwembo of Micar Books over the contents of the professor’s book published in 2016.

One of the contentious statements is from a recorded conversation Kanyeihamba reportedly had with then CJ Katureebe.

That Katureebe had told Kanyeihamba how Kisakye’s conduct made her unfit to be a judge of the Supreme Court.

Katureebe reportedly told Kanyeihamba how Kisakye had refused to share her rulings with colleagues.

“You told me that she has consistently defied you as Chief Justice in the Supreme Court by not circulating her draft judgements to you and colleagues for comment or corrections before delivery, which is against the practice in court,” Kanyeihamba wrote, in reference to a conversation with the then Chief Justice.

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