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NOT GIVING UP: Bobi Wine Begins Raising Funds to Return Ugandans Stuck on Kyeyo after His Dubai Concert was Blocked

Bobi Wine with NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya. Courtesy Photo

Nearly a week after his Dubai charity concert was blocked by authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has announced another fundraising drive to help collect money to facilitate the return of Ugandans stuck on kyeyo in the Middle East. 

Bobi Wine says that after his concert was cancelled last weekend, he toured about 20 detention centers where there were about 600 young African men and women waiting to be deported to their home countries.

The NUP leader further claimed that about 200 of the 600 stuck Kyeyo workers he visited were from Uganda and urgently needed to escape the suffering in Dubai and return home.

After last week’s drama in Dubai, Bobi Wine has assured Ugandans stuck on kyeyo in the Middle East that he would not give up on them but that he and like-minded people were “doing everything possible to bring you back home.”

Speaking in Kampala on October 13, the singer and politician urged Ugandans of goodwill to do everything they can “to ensure that we bring back our girls.”

He rallied his supporters to use their social media accounts to mobilize Ugandans to raise the funds need to help those stuck on kyeyo.

“We have launched a fundraising drive to assist Ugandans detained in UAE (especially Dubai) to return home,” announced Bobi Wine.

It should be remembered that Bobi Wine had planned a concert to raise funds for the return of Ugandans stuck in Dubai but authorities arrested him (in Dubai) and ordered him to cancel the concert. Bobi Wine gave shocking reasons for the blocking of his concert. (Read Stories Here and There).

Meanwhile, authorities in Dubai as well as airlines are making it difficult for Ugandans travelling for Kyeyo after issuing tough conditions, including the requirement that one must have at least Shs5m on their bank account before being allowed into Dubai. (See Details Here).

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