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NOT EVEN ON MY GRAVE! Suspended Deputy RCC Anderson Burora Refuses to Kneel & Apologize to Speaker Anita Among

Burora's Suspension Happened after Museveni Met Speaker Anita Among at State House

Suspended Rubaga Deputy RCC and Speaker Anita Among. Courtesy Photos

The Presidency has suspended Rubaga Deputy Resident District Commissioner Herbert Anderson Burora following his criticism of Speaker Anita Annet Among in the ongoing exhibition exposing shocking corruption and misuse of tax payers’ funds in Parliament.

Burora has been vocal in his posts on X (formerly Twitter). Reports indicate that Speaker Anita Among’s office reported Burora to the presidency, which superintends over the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), Resident City Commissioners (RCCs) and their deputies.

The suspension followed a meeting between Speaker Anita Among and President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, who RCCs and RDCs represent in cities and districts.

After the meeting, Anita Among wrote: “Earlier today I met Our Leader H. E. Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at State House Entebbe. We consult with the head of State from time to time to ensure that the strategic goals of our Country are supported by the Legislature. I want to thank the Head of State for his commitment to the transformation of our people and Country.”

Burora replied with an attack on Speaker Among’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget. “I told these people to forgive us for not delivering services because your Corporate Social Responsibility budget that consumed majority of the Service Delivery Budget has not yet reached them. I took them through your expenditure and they are bitter,” wrote Burora.


Deputy RCC Burora has now confirmed that the Presidency has suspended him. He added that he will not attend to press interviews until next week. Borora also hinted on the woes he has had to fight as a deputy RCC.

“In my tour of Duty, I want to thank Hon. Min. Milly Babirye Babalanda for her relentless guidance, for defying all odds against cadres and supporting me in particular to serve better. Your call towards fighting corruption is something we applaud you for.

I also want to thank The Secretary Office of the President Hajji Yunusu Kakande for his support. Much as I don’t want to delve much into this suspension, he has been a mentor. So many fronts have pointed at me, he has been my shield. The HR office of the President, my Consultant and advisor, I will always be indebted to you.

To the Media Fraternity, I will not address or appear in the Media in the meantime until next week.” — Herbert Anderson Burora


Burora has also made it clear he will never apologize to Speaker Anita Among.

“Over my grave will my Children see a picture of me kneeling before Anita Among. Karma is a bitch. Rt. Dishonorable Atutta Atubba Atumalawo welcome to the mud,” wrote Burora.

It should be remembered that even the presidency has been accused of corruption, with an MP claiming that each RDC job was sold at Shs20m and that those who failed to pay missed out on the jobs. (See Details Here and There).

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