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Norbert Mao: I’m Ready to Die Fighting ‘Dictator Bobi Wine’

Democratic Party (DP) president general Norbert Mao has vowed to die fighting National Unity Platform (NUP) and its leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, a man he says is a dictator. 

Mao has in recent weeks been attempting to ‘expose’ NUP, claiming it works for the shadow state. (Read Story Here).

For his attacks against NUP and Bobi Wine, Mao has endured insults from the supporters of the main opposition party.

Pro-Bobi comedy group Bizonto have even allegedly threatened to kill Mao. (Read Story Here).

But the DP leader, of the ‘one-man fame,’ has vowed to fight on.

On March 09 morning, he used his time at the NBS TV Morning Breeze show to continue his attacks against the NUP party and its leader.

Mao said Bobi Wine was a dictator and ‘demi god who you can’t criticize’ pretending to be fighting to remove another dictator.

“How can a dictator remove a dictator?” wondered Mao, adding that unlike NUP and Bobi Wine who want Museveni and his NRM colleagues dead, he and DP want them to leave power alive.

He went on to label the Kamwokya-based NUP office “the headquarters of the politics of intolerance” in Uganda.

Mao further claimed that NUP was working for the NRM.

“NUP has no moral authority to say anyone is promoting NRM. They are the biggest promoters of NRM,” he alleged.

He also claimed that NUP is non-existent as a lawful political party in Uganda.

“Every legislator voted on the National Unity Platform card should be declared independent. There was no party,” said the DP leader.

“I challenge you, go to the Electoral Commission and ask for the National Unity Platform file. It’s not there.”

He has vowed to fight on — to the point of death — in order to cleanse opposition politics in the country.

“When I talked about cleansing the synagogue, I relate it to when the Prince of Peace also lost it after He found business being carried out in the temple. I don’t mind being judged, but I hope to be judged rightly,” he said.

“I am ready to be a martyr for a better Uganda.”

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