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No woman should love a poor man: Pastor Bujjingo fires back at those criticizing him over wife Suzan Makula Shs2m bra

Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo and his second 'wife' Suzan Makula Nantaba. Courtesy Photo

House of Prayer Ministries (HPM) lead pastor Aloysius Bujjingo says all men should be able to give their women money or first halt dating until they have become rich.

Preaching to his followers during a lunch hour service at Kikoni-based Canaan Land, Bujjingo warned women against dating broke men.

“As a man, pursue a woman when you have money. I hear them complain, ‘women love money, what do you want them to love. What should they love about a man who has no money,” preached Pastor Bujjingo, as women cheered him.

“Women must love money. Everyone in the world loves money. Men who have no money must first work hard and forget about women until they have the money.”

Bujjingo also advised men not to wait for their women to beg them but to be generous to them at all times.

“You, young people must make money, and don’t wait for a woman to ask for you for money, whenever you meet the woman you are dating, give her Shs1m and let her go home,” went on the ‘man of God.’

“If she tells you she wants a bra, give her Shs2m.”

Weeks ago, Bujjingo’s second wife Suzan Makula Nantaba shocked her The Junction show viewers when she revealed the pastor had given him Shs2m for a bra.

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