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NEW SALARY STRUCTURE: See How Much Teachers, Doctors, Judges & Other Government Employees Will Be Earning Every Month Starting July 2022

Public Service Minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa

The ministry of public service has proposed huge salaries for government employees starting July 2022 when the new financial year begins. 

Teachers, judicial officers, and health professionals are estimated to eat big if the proposed increments in the budget framework are approved.

Here are some of the proposed salary enhancement figures:


  • Primary school teacher: From Shs568,000 to Shs1.3m
  • Primary school head teacher: From Shs980,000 to Shs4.8m
  • Secondary School Head teacher: From Shs2.3m to Shs10m


  • Senior medical consultant: From Shs7.3m to Shs17.4m
  • Medical consultant: From Shs6m to Shs12.7m
  • Principal medical officer: From Shs4.5m to Shs8m
  • Enrolled nurse: From Shs613,000 to Shs1.3m


  • Registrar of courts of judicature: From Shs10.5m to Shs18.5m
  • Chief magistrate: From Shs7.5m to Shs14m
  • Solicitor General: From Shs15.4m to Shs20m


  • Permanent Secretary: From Shs15.4m to Shs20m
  • Director: From Shs2.3m to Shs17.4m
  • CAO: From Shs3.6m to Shs17.4m
  • Police Constable: From Shs497,000 to Shs1.35m

See the salary structure that has been proposed for the current financial year here.

It should be remembered that in August 2021, Museveni cabinet approved salary increment for teachers, doctors and other health workers. (Read Story Here).

But most of the proposed salary enhancements are expected to take effect in the next financial year and the 2023-2024 FY.

UPDATED LIST: See Salary Structure for All Government Workers

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