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NEW SALARY STRUCTURE: Government Science Teachers’ Union Moves to Pile Pressure on Private Schools to Pay Each of Their Teachers Shs4m Per Month

Upstu secretary general Aron Mugaiga

After it successfully managed to pressurize President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and his government to increase salaries for all secondary school science teachers on payroll, the Uganda Professional Science Teachers’ Union (Upstu) is now plotting to convince private schools to pay each of their graduate science teachers Shs4m every month. 

With government paying its science teachers much better than their counterparts in private secondary schools, the morale of the latter group is expected to be affected — the same way the morale of arts teachers in government secondary schools has been.

To avoid such a scenario, Upstu leaders say they will hold discussions with managers of private schools to try and convince them to increase salaries of their science teachers to match what their counterparts in government schools began earning at the end of last month.

Upstu secretary general Aron Mugaiga has been quoted as telling Urban TV that the union will take the necessary steps to formalize their relationship with private secondary schools as a way of setting the stage for discussions on the issue of salaries for private school teachers.

“We expect the replication of the same by the private sector; we expect them to replicate what the private sector has done. If a graduate science teacher is earning Shs4m in government [schools], our union is a union for all science teachers, including all those working in the private sector,” Mugaiga explained.

“But you know the private sector has more of independent schools and they are very many, and for us to have an impact in those schools, we have got to sign a memorandum of understanding with them so that we can be able to negotiate for our people in a collective manner.”

It should be remembered that science teachers were some of the scientists and other government employees whose salaries were hugely enhanced in the current financial year. (See Full Salary Structure for FY2022-2023 showing how much each government employee will be earning every month HERE).

Meanwhile, science teachers on government payroll have had their salaries cut significantly, with graduate teachers expected to earn slightly less than Shs3m each, every month after deductions have been made. (Read Story Here).

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