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Netizens ‘Roast’ Bebe Cool for Saying He ‘Wanted to Turn Rema Namakula into Tiwa Savage But She Chose to Sing at Weddings’

Netizens 'Roast' Bebe Cool for Saying He 'Wanted to Turn Rema Namakula into Tiwa Savage But She Chose to Sing at Weddings'
Bebe Cool and Rema Namakula

Netizens are reacting to singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool’s statement that he had plans to turn singer Rema Namakula into a continental and international star but she chose to settle for smaller gigs such as entertaining locals by singing at parties like kwanjula (introduction ceremonies) and weddings. 

Rema Namakula shot to prominence after working with Bebe Cool’s Gagamel International Crew. Rema and Bebe Cool teamed up for Seize and Sekkle, one of the songs she rode on to go solo, quitting Gagamel. Rema has been doing well since leaving Bebe Cool’s group, entertaining Ugandans with great music, most of it about love.

But Bebe Cool feels that Rema Namakula was meant for bigger things but settled for less. In Bebe Cool’s view, Rema would be musically bigger than she is today if she had heeded his advice instead of settling for less. But, to Bebe Cool’s disappointment, Rema chose to sing at weddings and introduction ceremonies instead of working towards bigger things and becoming like Tiwa Savage.

“I had plans for her. I wanted to turn her into Tiwa Savage but she chose at weddings,” Bebe Cool was quoted as saying in a recent media interview. But Ugandans have been responding to Bebe Cool’s statement with mixed reactions. Here are some of the reactions:

I agree with Bebe Cool, the Rema of Cease and Seakle would be a very big thing than we have. – Kabale’s Finest @CharityKarungi_

Did you know that Bebe Cool’s wife (Zuena Kirema) is one of the top musicians we have on Earth, In fact she’s the Tiwa Savage of Busoga!Alfred Luwangula @WikiPages_

Bebe cool wanted to turn Rema into Tiwa Savage, I think he should use that energy to turn himself into WizkidKiruhura’s finest @NuweRichard

Didn’t know that alongside being a musician, Bebe Cool is also a magician.Munezero Ronie @munezero_ronie

But Rema Namakula became a more popular star than Bebe cool ever was, we all know who sponsors Bebe Cool with his music and concerts, I had even forgotten that he existed. – Rodrine @JuliusRolien

Bebe Cool’s comment has returned Rema Namakula in the news. Days ago, Rema was in the news after reports that her husband Hamza Ssebunya had dumped her for a new woman. But Rema’s sent a clear message to those who were saying that her marriage with Hamza had ended in tears. (See Details and Video Here).

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