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NBS TV’s DJ Roja Shocking Narration on how he Almost Died on His Birthday

While for most people, this is a great meme for use on Twitter, to NBS TV turntable assassin Rogers Kitaka aka DJ Roja, it is an image that reminds him of how he almost got killed on his birthday.

The photo shows him appearing to have fainted.

But DJ Roja says otherwise.

“I didn’t faint, the photo was taken on my birthday in 2016,” he said during August 02 After 5 Show on NBS Television.

So, what really happened?

On Sunday, October 02, 2016, DJ Roja and his colleague DJ Slick Stuart turned up at Cayenne Bar and Lounge for their weekly Moroccan Pool Party.

Top singers Irene Ntale and Winnie Nwagi were at the venue for the party.

And so were several of DJ Roja’s fans and friends.

Three days earlier, DJ Roja, born on September 29, 1989, had turned 28.

And his friends saw the Moroccan Pool Party as a perfect event to shower DJ Roja.

His friends and fans were drunk. As it was his birthday, they sang for him, and bathed him in whiskey, beer and buckets of water.

And some overzealous friends even took it a notch higher when they pushed the DJ into the swimming pool.

Roja was now in trouble. Poor at swimming. The guy could easily drown in the pool’s deep end.

For those already drunk, it was fun watching the guy struggle to swim his way out.

But for a few fairly sober and mature friends, there was nothing funny about an amateur swimmer drowning in a swimming pool on his birthday – and it looked like Roja was a few minutes away from drowning.

The latter group quickly pulled the deejay from the pool before he could meet his Creator.

Out of the pool, DJ Roja looked so weak, and breathed so hard from the fear of death that was so near to him.

“Do you think everyone is a good swimmer?” he fumed with the little energy left in him.

“If you had killed me in the swimming pool, what do you think would have happened to you?”

It took the intervention of people such as Dj Slick Stuart, Singer Irene Ntale and Winnie Nwagi for Stuart to stop venting his anger at those who had thrown him into the pool.

He would later get dry clothes and return to celebrate his new age.

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