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Nambooze claims she survived lethal poison, driver in ‘critical’ condition

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has alleged she survived assassination by poisoning.

Nambooze further claimed her driver took the lethal substance meant for her.

According to the Legislator, it all started on Tuesday morning as she and her team were headed for the requim mass for fallen Catholic Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.

While still in Mukono, the MP says her entourage had attracted multitudes who gathered to have a jovial exchange with their leader.

This gave her some breathing space to send her driver for a better medical mask and some water to drink from a nearby shop, she further alleged.

That her driver, Fred Kiyimba, then suddenly started complaining of stomach pain.

Within no time, he had started vomiting black coloured substances which pointed to a possible poisoning, she continued.

This prompted them to rush him to a nearby clinic from where the situation kept on deteriorating, necessitating an instant referral.

“The next minute he was vomiting black things and we immediately took him to the nearby clinic for first aid,” she added.

“In the next hour the clinic referred him to a better facility. We drove him there and I briefly left to go for a show. After NBS- Barometer we rushed to the hospital again and Kiyimba had deteriorated further and by morning the next day the young man was unconscious.”

The overly worried Nambooze is clearly suspicious of the cause of her close servant’s sudden sickness.

“Is there a possibility that Kiyimba took a bullet meant for me… Why would anyone wish to harm Kiyimba?” she wondered.

“There is also possibility that this is natural sickness but either way Kiyimba needs our prayers.”

This publication couldn’t independently verify Nambooze’s claims.

The legislator has previously made claims of assassination attempts against her life.

MP Nambooze narrates how she survived being killed by armed attackers after NBS night show

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