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NABBED! Suspected Criminals Arrested Along Northern Bypass

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) has confirmed the arrest and detention of scores of suspected criminals who are said to have been terrorizing road users in recent months.

KMP Commander Steven Tanui recently directed specialized operation units to start conducting mobile night patrols on the road to ensure safety of users and cause the arrest of suspects who had caused fear and worry among travelers. The criminals were attacking people and vandalizing their vehicles, according to available complaints.

Last week, Tanui responded to reports of increased attacks against a number of people using the bypass and pledged to make the criminals cry if they don’t stop their acts. The commander carried out a spot check on the road before making orders for a specialized operation to rid the road of criminals and ensure safe travel.

Now, days since the start of the operation, KMP Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has confirmed the arrest and detention of at least 10 suspects believed to have been involved in criminal acts along the bypass.

“Due to the increase of vandalism of motor vehicles and attacks on persons along the northern by-pass, our task teams have embarked on operations with an aim of identifying the criminals and their promoters. Yesterday [Thursday], 10 suspects were arrested around areas of Kyebando Flyover,” said Owoyesigyire.

The KMP Deputy Publicist also revealed that police officers had recovered a number of exhibits including marijuana, breaking implements, suspected stolen phones and knives, which are believed to have been used in criminal activities such as in vandalizing vehicles and attacking people.

Owoyesigyire further assured Ugandans that Kampala Metropolitan Police would continue with the operations, whose aim is “clamping down on criminality along the bypass,” and would not relent until the road was safe for Ugandans to use.

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