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My Son Anselm Besigye is Gorgeous in His Dreadlocks, Dress Code: Winnie Byanyima Tells off Son’s Haters over ‘Knickers, Gay’ Claims

My Son Anselm Besigye is Gorgeous in His Dreadlocks, Dress Code: Winnie Byanyima Tells off Son's Haters over 'Knickers, Gay' Claims
Besigye, Anselm and Winnie Byanyima

UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima has told her son Anselm Besigye’s ‘haters’ that he is gorgeous and she has no problem with his dress code.

“Some Ugandans don’t like Anselm Besigye’s long dreadlocks and hate his clothes,” Byanyima, opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye’s wife, said.

“I think he is gorgeous! I am his mum.”

But social media critics rejected Byanyima’s defence of her son.

Here are some of the replies to the UNAIDS boss:

Look closely guy is wearing a nicker. MujoogaBak3r (@Bak3r3) 

The LGBTQ Community is growing so fastCyrian Bezerra (@BezerraCyrian) 

@Winnie_Byanyima With due respect Madam Winnie, His father is a very respectful & very many looked up to him but when they see his son in such dreads,it leaves them with very many unanswered questions, Yes u as the mum just like anyother mother out there, we always defend our kids Dr Mercy Ampaire (@MercyAmpaire1)

That’s where you get the point wrong. Avoid defending your children whenever they are doing wrong. They will regret that at some point in life Emos (@AmosNamanyaB) 

I thought she is a she Taata wa infamous (@kingsula11) 

Thanks to be a proud parent however, given that freedom, he may never follow the footsteps of either parent. Over pampering of the only kid.Gerald Ampamize (@GAmpamize1314) 

So you want us to accept that God’s image is a kind of gay or something like that? — Chief Amen M. (@chief_amen)

The fact you have come out and said something about them it means you have no choice. In the first frame I am seeing something like a knicker. Konka mbwenuagasha josephine mubangizi (@mwenemubangizi) 

The dreadlocks have no problem, but the gender is questionableMichael14 (@lubegaM256) 

The dreadlocks aside… what’s with the dress code though — Rocs (@Iamtugume) 

Does it mean he engages in some foreign social practices that clash with the society’s morals? Remember, a child belongs to the mother when he is in the womb but the moment he is born, he/she belongs to the society and MUST abide by its norms/morals. @kyakundwa your take?Kisika Sam (@WekesawaKisika)

There is no pressure, am sure he’ll turn out good, Jimmy Akena turned out fine even at a mature age! — Bobo Musa (@BoboMusa8)

We are individuals, Society is often exaggerated, your behavior, style and Sexual Orientation is purely your business . @akbesigye like any other youth needs to explore any style, behavior and any sexual orientation provided they are not harmful to him and any other youth. AFRICAN TRIBE (@AFRICANTRIBE3) 

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