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MY ENEMIES WANT TO KILL ME: Eddy Kenzo Cries Out after Getting Death Threats

Eddy Kenzo

Ugandan singer Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddie Kenzo has asked fellow citizens to pray for him, saying that he has been receiving death threats from people keen on ending his life. After his successful Eddy Kenzo Festival at the Kololo Independence Grounds on Saturday, November 12, 2022, Kenzo addressed entertainment reporters in Kampala.

Eddy Kenzo press conference was meant to thank his fans for turning up in big numbers to attend his music festival. But the BET Award winner broke down in tears at the conference. He revealed that he was not sure that he would see the following day.

Referring to a social media hate campaign meant to persuade those opposed to the regime of President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni not to attend the Kololo show, Kenzo argued that the hate people see online does not stop on the internet but continues in real life.

He claimed that there are a number of people his enemies have paid “to kill” him.” The singer made it clear that he has never woken up one day and declared the political side he support, wondering why some people of a certain political color were rallying their supporters to stay away from his show.

Kenzo further wondered why the people who were claiming to fight for Ugandans’ freedom were the one depriving him and others of their freedoms. He hit at Ugandans in the diaspora for fanning hatred against him.

He said he had come out to reveal that his life was in danger so that people do not blame him when he is no longer alive. He even told entertainment reporters that he was not sure if he would live to see the sun rising tomorrow. He called on all his fans and Ugandans of goodwill to keep him in their prayers.

Regarding singer Big Eye who was a subject of chaotic scenes at the Kololo show stage on Saturday, Eddy Kenzo did not have kind words for the Suula Indicator singer, saying he had behaved badly in front of powerful and important Ugandans such as Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.

Eddy Kenzo said he saw no reason why Big Eye found a problem with listening to and obeying simple instructions. ““If somebody tells you to perform one or two songs, do that and go,” said Kenzo.

Eddy Kenzo is not the first Ugandan to claim that his life was in danger. A few months ago, Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among shocked the nation when she revealed that some people wanted to kill her. Days later, it emerged that Speaker Among’s bodyguard had fled the country under mysterious circumstances. (See Details Here and There).

Just a few weeks ago, TV presenter and Frank Gashumba’s daughter Sheilah revealed that she had survived an assassination attempt. (See Story Here).

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