Mwiru Says Discussing Reasons For Crossing To ANT Can Destroy FDC - The Pearl Times Mwiru Says Discussing Reasons For Crossing To ANT Can Destroy FDC - The Pearl Times

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Mwiru says discussing reasons for crossing to ANT can destroy FDC

New Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) member Paul Mwiru. Courtesy Photo

New Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) member Paul Mwiru has warned detailing why he quit Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) could cause the main opposition party’s collapse.

Alongside his Ntungamo Municipality counterpart Gerald Karuhanga, Mwiru, the Jinja Municipality East MP, officially left FDC for ANT on July 07.

Days later, FDC secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi blasted Mwiru, saying he would cross to many parties until his death.

Mwiru started distancing himself from FDC after the party fired him as its deputy spokesperson, replacing him with John Kikonyogo.

Months earlier, Maj Gen (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu, his ally, has lost to Patrick Oboi Amuriat in the 2017 internal presidential election.

While officially receiving Mwiru and Karuhanga, acting ANT coordinator Alice Alaso said the duo had been with the party from the start.

Besides stating differing strategies – of defiance and building structures – with in the FDC, Mwiru has remained coy on detailing his explanation on why he quit the main opposition party.

Although Mwiru says his supporters had tasked him to explain why he quit FDC, on July 12, he told Mwiru NBS Faceoff “we cannot start discussing” the reasons for switching allegiance.

Mwiru warned that publically talking about some of the details “can cause the disintegration of Forum for Democratic Change.”  

“Whatever happens now in FDC is not our business; we only wish them well in their strategy,” he said.

“I believe defiance is important but party organisation and structures are equally important.”

Mwiru further claimed ANT was “not at war with FDC” but “we are devoting all our time to build capabilities and then fight the enemy at once.”

“That is why our slogan is ‘country before self.’ As ANT, we are strengthening the opposition.”

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