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Mwijukye to NRM; This is my easiest election in history

Mwijukye Francis addressing supporters at Buhunga trading center in Buhweju.Photo by Pearltimes Reporter

The Forum for democratic change (FDC)parliamentary candidate Buhweju county Francis Mwijukye believes he has the weakest opponent in the upcoming 2021 general election.

Mwijukye Francis (in the middle with a cap)enjoy a photo moment with the locals. Photo by Pearl times Reporter

Mwijukye who is the current MP for Buhweju said he has competed with different NRM candidates in previous elections but all of them had capacity to talk for themselves unlike the current opponent Alex Rugyero whom he says cannot stand on stage and convince people to vote him apart from his family members.

”This is my easiest lection and let me tell you why? in the previous elections all the people I used to compete with, can talk for themselves but the one I have now cannot. and in parliament it is not about your parents or relatives that will talk for you but rather it is you to talk .” said Mwijukye

Mwijukye who is an FDC candidate in an NRM stronghold is supported by electorates who do not care about the political party a candidate belongs to but rather the capacity of one to represent them.

”Am NRM but I support Mwijukye because we see that he is the one with the capacity to represent us. ”Mwesigye Alawuriano said

A woman carrying a saucepan on her head greets her MP Francis Mwijukye in Buhweju.PHOTO BY Pearl Times Reporter

Businye Anet, a resident of Buhanga parish said Mwijkuye is the candidate that understands the issues women in the district go through. ” Mwijukye knows the problems of local women in Buhweju because he has been with us that is why we call him ‘MP waitu, Owaitu Buzima’ simply because he has been with us in everything”

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