Museveni’s Uganda is like a mother who boils her own children for dinner

Museveni and Stella Nyanzi. Courtesy Photos

By Dr Stella Nyanzi

A government that normalises the abduction, torture during interrogation and illegal detention of its citizens is mentally sick, pathological, and really abnormal.

A regime that normalises drones that kidnap healthy people who return maimed, broken and bruised is evil.

It is like a mother who kidnaps her own children, locks them up in a torture chamber, tortures them slowly over time, and then boils them for her supper.

Dictator Yoweri Museveni’s government is suffering from real psychosis. It is abnormal for government institutions to support the abduction, torture and illegal detention of citizens.

Neither the police nor army should be abducting or torturing Ugandans.

Neither prisons nor safe houses should be detaining citizens without instructions of court.

Neither courts nor tribunals should be accomplices to these injustices.

Neither parliament nor the executive should condone these abuses. This is madness!

When a mother is known to abduct, torture and then boil her own children for dinner, we don’t just look on and let her be.

We intervene to stop her. We intervene to save her children.

In the case of Mother Uganda, the urgency to stop the madness of the drones is even much stronger than ever before.

Dr Stella Nyanzi is an academic, politician and activist

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