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MUSEVENI’S PICTURE ON CURRENCY NOTES: NRM Activist Wants Law Amended to Thank Museveni by Including His Portrait on Money

Museveni portait

A Ugandan activist of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) has called for amendments to the central bank law to allow the printing of President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s portrait photo on all currency notes.

Writing from Mutundwe on February 14, 2023, Ivan Semakula Kamuntu Majambere addressed his letter to Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Norbert Mao, but copied in the central Bank of Uganda (BoU), the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and Parliament of Uganda, among other entities that matter for his amendment.

Majambere, who calls himself ‘Mpologoma ya Museveni’ and  says he is a son of fallen Luweero Freedom Fighter and an NRM activist, titled his petition ‘REQUEST TO AMEND ARTICLE 21 OF BANK OF UGANDA ACT 2000 & HAVE PRESIDENT MUSEVENI PORTRAIT ON OUR UGANDAN CURRENCY NOTES.’

Majambere says including Museveni’s portrait on the country’s money will be in appreciation of the president’s contribution for his ‘selfless’ service to Ugandans and the world. He further explained why the amendment to the BoU Act is necessary for pushing through his proposal.

“Whereas President Museveni Kaguta has contributed greatly towards peace, security and social economic transformation for this country Uganda since 1960s and whereas he has built a strong Democratic relationship both in Uganda, Africa and the world as a whole selflessly. And whereas article 21 of Bank of Uganda Act 2000 gives powers in mandatory terms the bank of Uganda “to determine the design of the bank notes issued and it continues to bar any design a portrait of a living person or any political symbol or word on its bank note,” wrote Majambere.

“We wish to note that in our continued celebrations, enjoyments of democratic freedoms, peace, security and social economic transformations of this country Uganda which has been brought about by president Museveni wise leadership and that there is no other meaningful way we can show our gratitude to him unless we amend that article 21 and have his portrait adopted on our Ugandan currency notes.

As a Ugandan who so wishes that we celebrate H.E President Kaguta Museveni the President of the Republic of Uganda for the work he has done and he continues to do for this Country by way of adopting his portrait on our currency notes, its Upon that wish that I write to request you Honorable Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to bring forward a constitutional amendment bill for the amendment of article 21 of the Bank of Uganda Act 2000.”

Majambere also revealed that he and his colleagues were ready to popularize the amendment and would not hesitate to give more details to Minister Mao if he invited them for more explanation.

“We have organized a team of ideologically right people to mobilize, sensitize the citizens of Uganda to accept such an amendment. We shall be happy if a bill is brought to parliament in support of our wish and we are much willing if an engagement with you is accorded to us,” he said.

It should be remembered that Majambere recently cried to the Museveni government to rush him to America, claiming that Bobi Wine’s ‘men’ wanted to kill him. (See Details Here).

Months ago, Majambere was also beaten like a chicken thief during the burial of Jakana Nadduli. (Read Story Here).

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