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‘Museveni will run for President in 2026 – and 2031 – as long as He’s not Dead’

Museveni. Photo: PPU

Veteran journalist Andrew Mujuni Mwenda says President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni will run for reelection in the next poll (2026) as well as that of 2031 as long as he is alive.

President Museveni has ruled Uganda since 1986 when he took power following a five-year bush war.

In January 2021, the 77-year-old won another five-year term, at the end of which he will have ruled the country for four decades.

Now, Mwenda, who has previously worked closely with Museveni, says he is certain the general will run for presidency in the next two general elections.

Mwenda says only two things can stop Museveni from seeking reelection in 2026 and 2031: death and an organized opposition alliance.

In an interview with local news agency URN on opposition NUP’s future, Mwenda said the president’s critics should find ways to dialogue.

“I have no doubt in my mind that Museveni will run in 2026 and 2031 if he doesn’t die and he will win unless someone organizes a broad coalition against him,” said Mwenda.

“I think we should start discussing Uganda beyond Museveni. The problem is that we are so obsessed with Museveni and we miss the fact that we can achieve so many things even when he’s president.”

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