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Museveni: We don’t kill our opponents like insecure, lazy Amin did

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has told Ugandans there was no reason anyone would kill an unarmed person, terming former president Idi Amin Dada’s highhandedness as a sign of cowardice and laziness.

Museveni spoke at State House Entebbe during the celebration of the Janani Luwum Day.

Archbishop Luwum died during Amin’s regime in 1977.

“By killing Archbishop Janani Luwum, it shows that Amin was insecure and coward. Killing people who are not armed is laziness,” said Museveni.

“It means the killer doesn’t have enough confidence that they will win an argument. That is why they want to silence them.”

Museveni noted that the battle should be in arguments, criticisms and counter-criticisms instead of assassinations.

“There was no need for Amin to kill the Archbishop, why kill a person because of criticizing you? That means you’re insecure, when you criticize me, I also criticize you,” continued the president.

“Amin was shallow. What was hurting Janani Luwum was very clear, 1971 to 1986 were terrible years. For him, he took the line of martyrdom. What would killing a person benefit you? That shows you are a coward and lazy, unless it is a war but for someone who is unarmed, use counter logic.”

“What I would advise the Church people is to be fair in their judgment, yes the government can make mistakes but how about those against the government, why not talk about their mistakes as well?”

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