Museveni Wants to Die in Office, Forget About Muhoozi – Ssemujju

Museveni and Muhoozi

Some Ugandans are looking at first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as a potential successor to the Ugandan presidency when his father Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni leaves power. But Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has other thoughts. 

In recent years, Gen Kainerugaba has projected himself as someone who is very interested in taking over from his father, in a quest to fulfill the Muhoozi Project ‘prediction’ that hit the political rumormill a decade ago, thanks to revelations by former spymaster Gen David Sejusa (previously Tinyefuuza).

Kainerugaba and his father first denied the presence of the Muhoozi Project, which would see top military and government officials severely dealt with for opposing a plan that would reportedly see Muhoozi take over from his elderly father Museveni. 

But events in recent years have pointed to Muhoozi’s interest in the country’s top seat and his father’s willingness to support this interest. 

Otherwise Museveni would have responded to Muhoozi’s presidential ambition declarations with the same force against which he has dealt his opponents or those who threaten his rule: Dr Kizza Besigye, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and others. 

Yet Muhoozi has continued to run a political movement, a vehicle he hopes to use to run for election and succeed his father. 

He also remains so close to his father and is one of the most powerful presidential advisors — who are more powerful and influential than the Vice President, Prime Minister and several ministers. (See Details Here and There). 

But MP Ssemujju says he is convinced that the Museveni he knows is not interested in handing over power to anyone and is likely to die in office. He added that Muhoozi can only inherit his father’s guns. 

FDC Boss: Gen Katumba Wamala is Better Than Muhoozi
MP Ssemujju Nganda. Courtesy Photo

Speaking during the popular NBS Frontline show where he has become a regular panelist on the show, thanks to his wit and hard hitting submissions, Ssemujju seemed to project Museveni as one who was drunk on power and one who would not let go until he has breathed his last or unless he is removed forcefully. 

A report by experts has previously claimed that Gen Salim Saleh is the most feared general and member of Museveni’s family with the capacity to remove his brother from power if he wanted. (See Details Here). 

Ssemujju and others with similar thoughts are hinging their arguments on the fact that there is confusion in the Museveni family over who, between Museveni and Muhoozi, will stand for president in 2026. 

The MK Movement and the ruling NRM remain political forces to reckon with but it is clear the buck stops with Museveni. 

Meanwhile, Muhoozi has accused his father Museveni of hanging onto power and refusing to let go. Muhoozi has said he is tired of waiting forever, making it clear that he wants to take over State House from his father in 2026. (Read Story Here). 

In what appeared like a moment of truth, Museveni has previously ‘endorsed’ his son Muhoozi’s MK Movement. (See Details Here). 

Ssemujju, the firebrand Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesperson, believes that Museveni is not someone who will easily hand over power, not even to his son.

Meanwhile, a date has been set for Ugandans to choose a Museveni successor — that is if the president chooses to retire in 2026. (Read Story Here). 

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