Museveni To NRM Leaders: You Can Kick Opposition Out Of Bugisu If You End Intrigue, Infighting - The Pearl Times Museveni To NRM Leaders: You Can Kick Opposition Out Of Bugisu If You End Intrigue, Infighting - The Pearl Times

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Museveni to NRM leaders: You can kick opposition out of Bugisu if you end intrigue, infighting

President Yoweri Museveni Courtesy photo

Infighting and intrigue in NRM has been blamed for weakening the party in Bugisu sub-region.

In a message presented by the senior presidential advisor and personal assistant, Ms Milly Babirye Babalanda, President Yoweri Museveni said he hears most of political fights and bickering among NRM members including leaders who are supposed to offer guidance.

“In fighting and intrigue are undoing us as NRM because they instead build a strong opposition. The opposition is strong here because NRM is divided.

There are even concerns that some NRM members connive with the opposition in local level politics and deny NRM the chance of winning. As you can see this is betrayal of a highest order and it’s most likely to affect us more in the forthcoming general elections 2021 basing on the intelligence we are receiving,” Museveni said.

He warned that if intrigue and divisionism are maintained, it will be a denial of the new generation a chance to inherit the leadership potential and a good life.

“We will have surrendered our chance to transform Bugisu.”

Museveni noted that continuing to elect the opposition will stifle the sub-region’s development since there will be no chance at engaging with government.

He, however, comforted the NRM fraternity that they have the capacity to reclaim Mbale if they keep together.

On the recently concluded NRM Parliamentary primaries, Museveni asked the people of Bugisu to bury their differences and embrace one another.

“All those who lost in the party primaries should work with the winners to strengthen the party. I am aware in some areas the primaries were not concluded due to misunderstandings, but this will be sorted out by the responsible departments,” he said.

Museveni thanked the people of Bugisu for being peaceful during the primaries and stated that where violence was witnessed the issue is not a feature of NRM.

“Fortunately, we did not see much violence in Bugisu sub-region apart from the very unfortunate incident in neighboring Bukedi were a sub-county registrar was gunned down by thugs.

These thugs do not represent the NRM and their views cannot fit in the four core principles of the NRM. This incident is much regretted and every effort is now underway to identify the killers and bring them to full justice,” Museveni said in his message.

The NRM National Chairman and head-of-state asked the people to use the newly acquired city status for Mbale to create opportunities and improve services to the people by galvanizing the status.

On the issue of landslides and other natural disasters, Museveni said Government is working hard to find lasting scientific and administrative solutions using several programs of government and its partners.

On employment and business opportunities, he said government is addressing this through the Sino-Uganda Industrial Park, which is so far the largest in Uganda.

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