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Museveni Speaks on Swift Safaris Bomb Blast; Says Security Investigating Identity of Killed Passenger

President Museveni. Courtesy Photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has spoken out on an explosion that occurred in Swift Safaris bus travelling from Kampala to Ishaka.

Police had earlier said two people had died in the explosion but later revised the number to one.

Now, Museveni says the identity of the killed passenger is of great concern to investigators since they want to know if he was a suicide bomber or not.

“As the hunt for the criminals of Pader who were trying to blow up Lokech’s funeral service, Komamboga where one young Ugandan person was killed and 3 injured, continues, another low power explosive happened on a bus going to Ishaka, killing one person and injuring another one,” said Museveni.

“The remaining 37 other passengers were safe plus the driver. The Police are investigating whether the person blown up was the one carrying the bomb or not. Preliminary reports say that the blast was from the seat and it killed only that person and injured the one who was sitting behind. The hunt continues, the clues are CLEAR and PLENTY.”

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