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Museveni rules out talks with opposition

Museveni and Bobi Wine. Courtesy photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni says suggestions for talks between him and the opposition are an insult.

On January 27, Museveni revealed that some people had offered to mediate between him and his opponents.

He called the proposal an insult to him.

“Some people have been saying that they want to mediate talks between me and Opposition. Mediate what? That’s an insult to me,” said Museveni at an event to launch the Covid19 treatment clinical trial at Mulago in Kampala.

“Everybody knows my address and I know their address. I can drive there and we talk. It is an insult to tell me about mediation.”

Museveni also assured Ugandans of safety and security, noting that Kampala would not seek external help to do so.

“I cannot allow UN to come to Uganda and defend us because what are you for if you can’t defend yourselves?” wondered Museveni.

“It is important to be be confident and I want to tell you that we are sufficient, we can defend ourselves from both internal and external forces.”

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