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Museveni reveals when he will retire – and what he wants before leaving power

President Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has reiterated he will not leave power until he the federation of East Africa has been achieved.

Museveni has ruled Uganda for 36 years.

He took power after a five-year bush war.

In his 1986 inaugural speech, Museveni diagnosed the problem of Africa as leaders who overstay in power.

In May 2021, the 76-year-old took oath for a five-year term at the end of which he will have led Uganda for four decades.

Is this Museveni’s hint at plan to rule Uganda until he turns 100 years?

Museveni is expected to seek re-election in 2026. Then, he will be 81.

Museveni hinted on his retirement on Tuesday, July 07 in the presence of Kenyan deputy president William Ruto in Matugga, Wakiso District.

The president and the Kenyan politician were in Matugga for a ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the Biological Drugs and mRNA vaccine facility under Dei Group.

The Ugandan leader talked of retirement

“You people, I want to go and look after my cows,” Museveni said.

“Create  a centre of gravity (federation), I push you there and then I go and look after my cows.”

Museveni has severally emphasized the economic and political federation of East Africa and the whole of Africa as key for the continent’s survival.

Gen Elly Tumwine: Only God will decide the time when Museveni should leave power

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