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Museveni responds to calls for fresh NRM Primaries in some constituencies

President Yoweri Museveni has spoken out on demands for fresh NRM primaries by some politicians who lost over alleged electoral malpractices.

Several ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) members who lost in September 04 elections have called for a repeat of polls in their constituencies.

They claim their opponents bribed voters, ferried people from areas outside respective constituencies, and intimidated their supporters.

Others say that, without clear voters’ registers, underage people and members of the opposition, were also allowed to cast ballots.

But Museveni says there is no need for the party “to repeat the elections, except where they were not held.”

“We simply need to audit what happened in each village. The NRM elections are village based. They should begin in the village and end in the village. Once the counting is done in the village, the elections are over. The rest is adding.,” he guided, in a statement issued on September 07.

“It will, therefore, not help anybody to mis–add because the original village generated numbers are there and the People who are aware of these numbers are many.”

Meanwhile, Museveni has emphasized the NRM’s commitment to bring to book all those named in malpractices in NRM primaries, including labour minister Mwesigwa Rukutana.

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