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Museveni Potential Side Chic Annah Ashaba Ashana Sends Clear Message to ISO, State House

Museveni Potential Side Chic Annah Ashaba Ashana Sends Clear Message to ISO State House

Makerere University fresh graduate Annah Ashaba Ashana has said nobody will stop her from writing her hard-hitting poems criticizing the government.

Annah Ashaba Ashana’s poem titled ‘I want to be Museveni’s side chic’ went viral last week. Read the poem here.

This prompted ISO to summon Annah Ashaba Ashana.

After the meeting, reports that Ashaba Ashana would soon meet President Museveni hit social media.

But ISO came out to clear the air on these reports.

Now Ashaba Ashana says she will not stop telling truth to power.

“…. the risks notwithstanding, I won’t stop writing. I won’t get compromised into silence. In fact, after this meeting, I felt more determined to continue writing and sharing my thoughts because I learnt that the powers that be are watching the space. I owe this to my country and to generations to come,” she wrote.

She further vowed no amount of propaganda will make her sell her soul to the devil.

“You’ve the guns. You’ve the state owned media and propagandists. You’ve the drones and all sorts of machinery. I am just armed with my guts and a pen. I won’t stop writing,” she added.

“No matter the blackmail, propaganda and all manner of stories. And I won’t sell my conscience to you, no compromise is welcome.”

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