Museveni not Running for President in 2026 – Muhoozi Project Chief

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A leading strategist for the MK Army and Muhoozi Project has said that he is certain President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni will not be on the ballot as a candidate in the 2026 election, adding that the long-serving ruler’ son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba will be the candidate with the state’s backing. 

Uganda is barely two years out of a bruising presidential election. But endorsements and strategies for the 2026 poll are already underway. Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for nearly four decades since taking over power after a five-year bush war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, has not yet announced his interest in running for another term of office.

But several groups and leaders have been endorsing the president and ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman as their sole candidate for the election that is four years away. Those who have endorsed Museveni as the 2026 NRM sole candidate include his Vice President Jessica Alupo and a group of ministers including Maj Gen (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire and Justice Minister Norbert Mao (who even claimed to know the year when Museveni will peacefully hand over power). (See Details Here).

The latest NRM group to endorse Museveni for the 2026 presidential election held their event in Mbarara City a few days ago. Presidency Minister Milly Babirye Babalanda was the chief guest. Minister Babalanda, one of the most powerful Museveni ministers, said only God will decide when and how Museveni will leave power. (Read Story Here).

But as the pro-Museveni group continues to endorse the 78-year-old retired general for another election, the group supporting his son Gen Muhoozi is not seated. The group is making preparations for ensure that the recently fired Commander Land Forces is on the ballot paper and becomes Uganda’s president in 2026.

In fact, Muhoozi himself has hinted on taking over from his father in the year 2026. He has also explained why he wants to be Uganda’s president. But some political observers such as former spy Charles Rwomushana have warned that Gen Muhoozi is creating a criminal gang that could lead the country down a dangerous path. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

Amidst all this confusion, a Muhoozi campaign strategist has revealed that he is certain that Gen Museveni will not be on the ballot paper in 2026. David Kabanda, the Kashambya County MP, who strategizes for the Muhoozi Project and 2026 campaign, says if anyone is doubting that Muhoozi is the crown prince, they should tell any senior army officer to make mistakes such as those made by the first son and see how they are hounded out.

“You tell [Chief of Defence Forces – CDF Gen Wilson Mbasu] Mbadi to make such mistakes and see if they [Museveni] will apologize on his behalf,” said MP Kabanda, in reference to a decision by Museveni to apologize on behalf of his son after Muhoozi threatened to capture Nairobi within two weeks as reported HERE.

Kabanda also attempted to explain why he thinks that Museveni approves of Gen Muhoozi’s presidential ambitions. The youthful first-time MP also made it clear that there was no debate on Muhoozi’s 2026 run.

When Balaam [Barugahara] told Museveni that there is a standby generator, did he smile or get angry? He smiled,” he said during a political show on Balaam’s Radio 4. “Mr Museveni will not contest for presidency in 2026. That is not even debatable: it is Muhoozi coming.”

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Meanwhile, an MK Army chief campaigner has said that it is either Muhoozi in 2026 or never, making it clear that the next presidential race is a do or die, that the first son will never be president if he does not contest and win in 2026, and that he should forget about State House. (See Details Here).

It should also be remembered that a popular prophet who correctly predicted Kenya’s William Ruto’s election has revealed the person that God has chosen to replace Museveni as President of Uganda. (See Shocking Details HERE).

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