Museveni Minister Breaks Silence on Being Beaten by Angry Karamojong Youths


A first-time minister in President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government has spoken out on reports that she has survived being killed by youths. 

Reports had spread on social media that angry Karamojong youths almost killed Agness Nandutu, the state minister for Karamoja, during her recent visit to the region that has been dogged by insecurity and famine in recent months.

In a video shared online, a woman some claimed was Nandutu is heard narrating how she was almost killed by youths. But the attacker who was reportedly supposed to shoot misfired, only managing to leave the vehicle with a scratch.

According to the video, the woman, who was most likely a government official, went ahead of security officials and travelled deeper than she was supposed to do.

Now, while it had been reported that the attack happened today, Minister Nandutu has made it clear that she is well and in the august House representing the people of Bududa and discussing issues of national importance.

Museveni Minister Breaks Silence on Being Beaten by Angry Karamojong Youths
Minister Agness Nandutu

Describing the reports as fake, she also made it clear that she was last in Karamoja sub region nearly a month ago.

“My good followers, disregard the fake news circulating that I have been attacked in Karamoja. I was in Karamoja three weeks ago,” said Nandutu. 

“I am very safe and now in Parliament deliberating national matters.”

This is not the first time some unscrupulous people are spreading reports that Agness Nandutu is in danger. Months ago, there were reports that she had suffered a blood clot after falling in her house. Others claimed that Agness Nandutu had even died. (Read Stories Here and There).

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