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Museveni Minister: Bobi Wine Will be the Next Big Fish to Betray the ‘Struggle’ and Join Museveni

Norbert Mao, Bobi Wine and Museveni

A minister in President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government has predicted that National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine will soon follow Democratic Party (DP) president and chairman general Norbert Mao to the ruling National Resistance Movement. 

In the last few days, Mao has dominated social and mainstream media debate after signing a cooperation agreement with Museveni before the 77-year-old Ugandan president who has ruled the impoverished East African country appointed him Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister.

Mao is just the latest opposition politician to ‘betray’ the struggle and cross to Museveni’s NRM to work with a man some of his critics have labelled a ‘dictator.’ Opposition politicians who have previously jumped ship include: Beti Olive Namisango Kamya Turwomwe, the former Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) leader who crossed over to NRM, was appointed minister and is currently the Inspector General of Government (IGG); Beatrice Anywar, who was a staunch Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) politician but crossed over to the NRM government and was appointed minister; and Former Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike who was appointed minister but was dropped after a few months, among others.

Even the current Speaker Anita Annet Among and her deputy Thomas Tayebwa were members of the FDC but their political elevation did not materialize until they crossed to the NRM.

It should also be remembered that in 2020, Museveni promised to finish off the opposition in Uganda. With his latest catch, Museveni seems to be on the right path to fulfill his plan.

According to Evelyn Anite, the state minister of privatisation and investment, Bobi Wine will be the next opposition politician to cross over to NRM. Anite has congratulated Mao and predicted that Kyagulanyi is the next opposition leader who will sign a cooperation agreement with Museveni.

“Congratulations Norbert upon entering the NRM high command Bus. Robert K  will be picked in the next NRM bus terminus,” predicted Anite.

It should be remembered that after losing her Koboko Municipality MP position to Dr Charles Ayume, Anite claimed that Bobi Wine had sent his people to convince her to leave NRM and join NUP. But ‘Museveni boy’ Prof Venansius Baryamureeba quickly called out Anite for seeking to blackmail the NRM and its leader Museveni. (Read Stories Here and There).

Meanwhile, the contents of the cooperation agreement between Museveni and Norbert Mao have leaked. (Read the Full Agreement between Museveni and Mao HERE).

Mao has since appeared before Parliament’s Appointments Committee for vetting. He has also fired back at DP leaders who are pushing him to resign his position as party president, telling them that he is not going anywhere, and making it clear that he will remain DP boss even when he is serving as Minister in Museveni’s government. (Read Story Here).

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