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Museveni: I’ll never allow roadblocks as long as I’m Uganda’s President

President has reiterated his disdain for roadblocks in what looks like a ban on this measure in enforcement of Covid19 lockdown restrictions.

Security checkpoints have in recent weeks dominated Ugandan roads as police officers sought to block vehicles and people categorized as non-essential and unathorized to travel.

But as Museveni oversaw the mini swearing-in ceremony for scores of ministers in Kampala on July 08, he emphasized key security priorities, making it clear roadblocks were disturbing.

He swore he would never support the idea of roadblocks as long as he is Uganda’s President.

He compared criminals to jiggers whose removal shouldn’t inconvenience innocent Ugandans.

“I made it clear to the security people that I’ll never allow roadblocks in Uganda under my leadership,” said Museveni.

“Roadblocks! That they are controlling security. Roadblocks are blind. You’re just inconveniencing people who have nothing to do with crime. These people [criminals] are like jiggers.”

Museveni previously advised traffic officers to monitor reckless road users using street cameras instead of inconvenient obedient and careful ones.

In pre-1986, some checkpoints and roadblocks were used by both security and criminals to Rob and harrass people.

Although such cases have reduced in the Museveni regime, security personnel have severally used roadblocks to limit protests and movement of the president’s opponents such as Dr Kizza Besigye.

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