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Museveni: How Top American Politician Tried to Convince Me to Allow Homosexuality in Uganda

President Museveni

Uganda’s President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has revealed that a top US government official tried to convince him to okay homosexuality practices in the country.

Speaking during an event to mark the Janan Luwum Day at Mucwini in Kitgum, Northern Uganda, Museveni narrated that the young politician, a cabinet secretary, was concerned about homosexuality rights in Uganda, instead of focusing on ‘issues.’

Museveni went on to say that he promised to invite the politician to Kampala so that she could have a debate with Ugandan religious leaders on the issue of homosexuality rights.

“I was in the USA in December, there was this young minister, and instead of talking about the issues, she was talking about the issue of homosexuals,” the president told Ugandans who had gathered in Kitgum to celebrate Luwum, a cleric whose death was blamed on military ruler Idi Amin Dada.

“I told her we would disagree and told her to come to Uganda to talk to our Inter-Religious Council. I will invite her, and maybe you can convert her from her position.”

Meanwhile, Museveni has saluted the Ugandan church for condemning other religious organizations that have accepted same-sex marriages.

“It is a good thing that you took your stand on the issue of homosexuals. For us, we say, God is there and mighty. We are not going to follow people who are lost,” he said. “I want to congratulate the churches for getting out of sleep because these churches were sleeping depending on European donations.”

He further encouraged religious institutions to engage in activities that help to create wealth instead of relying on donors from the West, a number of whom put tough conditions such as allowing homosexuality on their donations.

“I want to congratulate the churches for getting out of sleep because these churches were sleeping depending on European donations,” noted Museveni. “Church of Uganda, the Catholic Church, and other groups, developing income-generating projects is crucial, and we support it.”

It should be remembered that the Anglican Church of Uganda has broken away from the Church of England after Canterbury allowed same-sex marriage weddings. (Read Story Here).

Museveni’s statement on homosexuality come a day after his wife, also Education Minister, spoke out on reports of homosexuality at King’s College Budo and other schools in the country. (See Details Here).

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