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MUSEVENI GOV’T MUST PAY ME SH5BN FOR MY SON’S DEATH: Mother of Student Who Died after Forceful Covid19 Vaccination Demands

Nalwadda with her family lawyers. Photo by URN

The mother of the late Jonathan Luyinda, a Ugandan secondary school student who died months after reportedly being forcefully given a Covid19 jab, has dragged the government and school board to court, demanding a Shs5bn compensation.

On August 29, Luyinda’s mother Tendo Nalwadda filed a petition before the Mpigi High Court asking for orders to compel government and the school board of directors to compensate the family for their loss and damages suffered.

The family, which claims that their son suffered multiple organ failure after being vaccinated without his parents’ consent.

The respondents in Nalwadda’s suit include the Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka, the chief legal advisor of the Government of Uganda as well as the Board of Governors of St Martin Secondary School based in Jjanya in Mpigi District where Luyinda was a student.

On top of Shs5bn compensation, Nalwadda also wants the government and school to pay the family Shs20m in special damages; Shs15m spent on treating Luyinda at hospitals such as Kiruddu, Nsambya and Rubaga; as well as Shs5m spent on the burial of their son.

Nalwadda is being represented by Alto Advocates.

Nalwadda faults St Martin Secondary School Jjanya for administering Covid19 vaccines to Luyinda without the consent of his parents.

That following the vaccination, Luyinda’s sister Maria informed Nalwadda as the family that her brother was sick.

But the St Martin Secondary School Jjanya headteacher assured Nalwaddam via phone calls, that Luyinda was okay.

She claims that following the inoculation of Luyinda with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine on the eighth day February 2022, he developed complications leading to his death.

Nalwadda also accuses officials of government, represented by the Attorney General, of declining to give her and the family a postmortem report. That the pathologist only authorized the release of Luyinda’s body from the mortuary, which was done and body laid to rest.

Summons for the Attorney General and the school administration to file their defence within 15 days have since been issued by court registrar Justine Atukwase.

Luyinda is not the only Ugandan student that died over a Covid19 vaccine. Before his death, a medical student had died and it was claimed that it was due to the Covid19 vaccine administered in her body. (Read Story Here).

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