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VIDEO: Museveni Government Defies Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere’s Will, Ex-DP Boss Given 17-Gun Salute Despite Widow Prof Germina’s Protests


Prof Germina Namatovu Ssemogerere was unsuccessful in her bid to stop the Museveni government from giving her fallen husband, former deputy prime minister and ex-Democratic Party (DP) President General Dr Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere, a gun salute. 

Dr Ssemogerere was laid to rest today in Nkumba. Ssemogerere died on Friday, November 18, 2022 morning at his Rubaga home. In his political career spanning decades, Ssemo had exhibited tolerance and preached peaceful approaches to gaining power. During his 90 years on earth, he served as a DP leader, minister and deputy prime minister. (You can See Kawanga Ssemogerere’s quick profile Here).

During his funeral ceremony on Monday, November 21, his wife Germina made it clear that she did not want any gun salutes accompanying her husband because Ssemogerere reportedly hated guns and violence.

But when she rose to speak, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja made it clear that Ssemogerere was a great and honorable person and he is entitled to a gun salute as provided for in the laws. She went on to note she was simple President Museveni’s messenger at the funeral and had no powers to make decisions on stopping the gun salute.

After her speech, during which she announced that Museveni had sent a Shs20m condolence message and revealed that Ssemo would get a 17-gun-salute and not a three-gun salute as had earlier been said, Nabbanja and the Ssemogerere held a brief meeting with members of the family. And it was agreed that Ssemogerere would get a 17-gun salute.

It should be remembered that although government offered an official burial for Ssemogerere, the former DP president had in his will made clear that he did not want the state to interfere in his funeral. Ssemogerere’s will containing shocking things he did not want on his burial. (See Details Here).

Meanwhile, Kawanga Ssemogerere’s personal doctor has revealed the real disease that killed him. The doctor also revealed that a number of samples have been taken from Kawanga Ssemogerere’s body and will be tested for poisoning. (See Details Here and There).

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