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Museveni: Fake Banyankore eat pork & can abandon friends in times of need

Museveni. Photo: PPU

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has suggested Banyankore who eat pork are fake (not real), and can easily abandon and betray their friends in time of need.

While explaining how he handled the scarcity of sanitizers in the region in the wake of Covid19, and how rich world countries should handle the scarcity of vaccine doses in poor nations during his 2021 State of the Nation Address, Museveni said real Banyankore do not abandon friends in time of need.

“A real Munyankore – not these ones who eat pork in Kampala – cannot abandon a friend in time of need,” said the president, himself an ethnic Munyankore.

Museveni revealed a minister in cabinet had advised that, to deal with the shortage of sanitizers in the region, Uganda should suspend the export of sanitizers to other East African countries.

But the president added that he told cabinet he couldn’t strain Uganda’s partnership with her neighbors and friends.

That he, consequently, instructed former health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng to set aside a considerable per cent of the sanitizers for export.

For the Covid19 vaccine shortages, the president says he is in talks with India, the US, China and Cuba to secure more doses.

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