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Museveni Defends Komamboga Pork Eaters: Does Pork in One’s Stomach Cause Indigestion in Your Stomach?

President Museveni. Courtesy Photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has condemned terrorists that attacked the pork eaters of Komamboga, saying nobody has a right to stop another person from eating what s/he wants.

About a week ago, terrorists believed to belong to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel outfit carried out a bomb attack at an eatery in Komamboga where revelers were enjoying pork, among other foods.

In his October 28 night address on security and Covid19 response, Museveni said he believed the terrorists who could be Muslims, given ADF’s ideological and religious grounding, might have targeted the eatery famous for its pork because they considered the meat from pigs haram (forbidden).

“I think one of the reasons was they were eating pork. They [terrorists] came and bought soda. They must have violated haram because they were smelling it. They planted the bomb and went,” said Museveni.

 “Let people eat pork. Do not bring the nonsense of others here. This is our land, we will protect it from all harmful nonsense. The attack on the pork eaters at Komamboga was not right,” said the president.

He further asked: “Let the pork eaters eat their pork. Does pork in someone’s stomach cause indigestion in your stomach?”

Museveni even revealed that he once told ousted Sudanese president Omar Bashir that even as a Christian, he had more haram foods than him, including fish.

“Once I told Bashir that as a Munyankore, my list of haram is much longer. I don’t eat fish, chicken, pigs, goats etc. However whenever our Baganda neighbours would visit us, we would give them chicken we were rearing to eat insects around the kraal. You do different things but respect one another. You corroborate where your interests coincide,” said the president.

He said there should be peaceful co-existence and symbiotic relationships among wealth creators regardless of religious and political differences.

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