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Museveni: Corruption starts from Ministry of Finance

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has told Ugandans corruption starts from the ministry of finance.

Delivering his 2021 state of the nation address, Museveni said he had discovered the chain of corruption.

At the ministry of finance, planning and economic development, Museveni explained, officials inflate project costs and budgets.

The corruption chain, he continued, moves to the ministries and committees of Parliament, with cuts hewed off at each stage.

‘‘Corruption starts in the ministry of finance where projects are designed but they add in things which aren’t supposed to be there. I have the story now. You will see. You watch out,” said Museveni. 

“These projects then go to Committees of Parliament… and I want to warn the Committees, then the Auditor General, where there is collusion all the way.”

The president then revealed that he would bring in young NRM cadres to fight graft. 

“What the corrupt fraternity do not factor in is the large number of young people whom the NRM [National Resistance Movement] has trained; and these young people will help us deal with corruption,” the president further noted.

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