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Museveni breaks silence on clashes between his brother Sodo and Kutesa’s daughter Musherure in heated Sembabule meeting

Shartis Kutesa Musherure, Godfrey Aine Sodo and President Museveni

On September 10, Museveni met his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) parliamentary aspirants and other officials from the districts of Mbarara, Sembabule districts, Isingiro, Kiruhura and Kazo.

NRM primaries were characterized by violence in some of these areas.

In Sembabule, NRM Electoral Commission (EC) chairperson Tanga Odoi postponed polling in Mawogola North after clashes between supporters of Musherure and those of Sodo.

The EC boss also suspended voting in Mawogola West, where there were scuffles between Anifa Bangirana Kawooya’s camp and that of Joseph Kitayimbwa Ssekabitto.

Kawooya sustained injuries from the clashes.

During Museveni’s meeting with Sembabule leaders, the president made it clear he had not ordered his brother Aine Sodo to stand for election to replace minister Kutesa nor compete against his daughter Musherure.

The president even wondered who had nicknamed his brother Aine, Sodo.

When called upon to confirm if his elder brother had not sent him into elective politics, Sodo corroborated his elder brother’s statements.

Museveni added that Sodo and other members of the late Amos Kaguta family were now mature enough to make their own decisions.

However, Sodo was accused of working with members of security forces to cause violence in Mawogola North.

Museveni dared those accusing his brother of perpetuating violence through members of security agencies to report him (Sodo) to police, insisting members of the first family were not above the law.

Also accused for making Mawogola North and Sembabule politics chaotic was Kutesa, who leaders in the meeting accused of pumping money in the area to buy his daughter Musherure victory.

After the meeting, Museveni told Ugandans “it is important for those seeking leadership positions in the NRM to appreciate our ideology.”

“Politics is working for the people, to help them get out of poverty and solve their problems,” said the president.

Museveni further lectured aspirants on the danger of joining politics for money.

“People are fighting hard to go to Parliament because MPs unilaterally increased their salaries. They earn more than our scientists and other critical professionals. I tried to discourage them but they insisted,” said Museveni.

“This should not be the motivation to seek parliamentary seats, it should be about serving their people. It should not be about you the contestant escaping from poverty yourself.”

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