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Uganda’s Covid19 medicine and other innovations by scientists Museveni is happy with ahead of December 15 trials

Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has announced that the country’s scientists have found a Covid19 cure.

In his address delivered from Mbale in eastern Uganda on November 29, Museveni said he had been told some Covid19 patients had been healed by taking the medicine.

“The scientists have told me on good authority that some people have been healed of Coronavirus,” the president said.

Museveni could not divulge details but said three of substances developed would form the Covid19 cure.

Museveni said the scientists would need to administer the substances to patients in a controlled healthcare environment to ascertain their potence, and to rule out the impact of other drugs on the healing process.

Trials will start next month and the scientists will have made key conclusions about the medicine.

“In the battle against coronavirus our scientists have given us [good news] they have developed seven wonderful products, six of which are under trial,” Museveni said.

“The trial [for the medicine] will start on December 15 and within 40 days enough patients will have been treated. Starting December 15, patients under strict medical supervision will have trials done so that scientists will see medicine applied to them without other intervention. Within 40 days enough patients will have been tired. “


Museveni revealed that “an immune booster is already being used” to bolster resistance against infections that weaken anti-bodies in Covid19 patients.

“The fourth exciting product is a bronchial dilator- a drug that will keep your lung airways open without the need to use the ventilators that cause so much damage to other body parts where they are inserted,” he revealed.

“Our scientists have also developed two diagnostic tests- one which uses saliva and can give results in 30 minutes.”

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