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Muhoozi Undecided on Running for President in 2026 but Father Museveni Ready to Step Aside for Son – Insider

Gen Museveni and his son Gen Muhoozi. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has been appointed Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) by his father. Courtesy Photos

An insider in the MK Movement has given a sneak peek into the prevailing situation in the first family as debate on whether Ugandan first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba will run for president to succeed his father Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni in the 2026 presidential election.

Recently, Gen Muhoozi, who is his father’s senior presidential advisor on special operations, thrust himself into the limelight and political debate after his visit to Speaker Anita Among’s Bukedea home district and his tour of Teso.

Besides him being welcomed by a sizeable number of MPs, Gen Muhoozi was also handed traditional “instruments of power” by some elders who told him to use the same to secure the Ugandan ‘throne’ until Museveni has retired, so he can succeed him.

There is confusion within the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) on who the party will front – between Museveni and his son Gen Muhoozi – in the 2026 presidential election.

Supporters of both first family members continue to popularize their preferred choice.

The current hurdle for Gen Muhoozi’s official declaration is his being a serving UPDF officer, who is not allowed to take part in partisan politics.


According to Andrew Mwenda Mujuni, an insider within the first son’s MK Movement, Gen Muhoozi will retire from the national army ahead of his presidential bid’s big announcement – whether for the 2026 or the 2031 poll.

NRM has grown old and tired, even Muhoozi has criticized it. Why do you think Muhoozi will follow his father, he is not the same person.

“As the Spokesperson of the MK Movement, I can tell you that General Muhoozi will resign from the army if he decides to run for the presidency,” Mwenda told NBS Frontline on August 17.

Muhoozi has previously announced his retirement from the UPDF, only for him to change his mind and push it to 2031. (See Details Here and There).

Mwenda himself is on record for saying that he was sure that Museveni will run for president in 2026 – and 2031 – as long as he is not dead. (Read Story Here).


Admitting that it was “obvious” that Gen Muhoozi was “benefiting from his Father’s brand,” Mwenda, who is the spokesperson of the MK Movement, also defended the first son’s early campaigns, telling whoever thinks Museveni’s son is breaking the law should go to courts of law whose judges are appointed by the president himself.

“I have consulted with the Attorney General of Uganda and lawyers in private practice, and they have told me there’s no law Muboozi is breaking. If you believe there’s a law he is breaking, go to the Constitutional Court,” said Mwenda.

It should be remembered that Muhoozi told a fearless city lawyer who dragged him to court over his political rallies and birthday parties, saying the Highest Judge was on his (first son’s) side. (Read Stories Here and There).


Mwenda also made it clear that Gen Muhoozi had not yet decided on whether to run for president in 2026 or not.

“Right now, Muhoozi is not running for the presidency. When the time comes and he decides to run, he will respect the law and resign from the army,” said Mwenda.

The MK Movement was still investigating the extent of the support the son of the general from Rwakitura had across the country.

The results of this scientific study on Muhoozi’s popularity is what the group will use as a basis to determine if he should run or wait.

As we have reported previously, Gen Muhoozi was once left in shock after he lost an opinion poll he ‘sponsored’ himself. (Read Story Here).

Yet Mwenda is convinced that Muhoozi is ready for 2026 and that his father was willing to give way.

“Personally, I feel he should run in 2026 and I am confident President Museveni will step aside,” claimed Mwenda.

In a meeting with Muhoozi and his top allies, Museveni seemed to ‘endorse’ his son and his MK Movement for 2026, after the first son told his father he was tired of waiting forever. (See Details Here and There).

For now, Gen Muhoozi will hide under his position as senior presidential advisor on special operations to hold political campaign rallies.

Afterall, Gen Muhoozi is one of the most powerful and influential presidential advisors, more powerful than the Vice President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament and several ministers. Read about ‘Museveni’s guys,’ the most powerful presidential advisors Here.

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