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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Muhoozi Reveals the First Thing He Will Do if He Becomes Uganda’s President in 2026

First son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has revealed the first thing that his government will do if he ever becomes president. 

As we have previously reported, Lt Gen Kainerugaba has announced that he is interested in winning power and becoming president, and that his quest is unstoppable. (Read Story Here).

According to Kainerugaba, who is the current Commander of the UPDF Land Forces, his first action as president will be increasing the amount of funds given to the sports sector.

“When Team MK wins power in this country, which we will! Our first act will be to increase the Sports budget!” said the first son.
The sports docket, which is under first lady Janet Museveni’s Ministry of Education and Sports, has for years got meagre budgetary allocations.
Janet Museveni is Kainerugaba’s mother.
Months ago, Muhoozi rescued the country’s basketball team after Ms Janet Museveni’s ministry failed to release funding in time for a sporting event. (Read Story Here and another related on There).

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