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Muhoozi Appoints NRM SG Todwong as Northern Uganda Mega Party Organizing Committee Chairman

NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong

First son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has appointed ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Richard Todwong as Chairman of the organizing committee for a mega party he plans to hold in Northern Uganda. 

The first son and Commander of UPDF Land Forces recently held celebrations for his 48th birthday, making political pronouncements and giving hints on his interest in succeeding his father Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

The celebrations were concluded with a ‘thank you’ party at Entebbe Cricket Oval on May 07. Muhoozi has since declared all the celebrations in his name, and for his birthday, ended.

“As Commander-in-Chief of the MK Army, I order an immediate ceasefire from all units! No more birthday parties will be carried out in our name. Let me first visit all units and ascertain their revolutionary clarity,” said the first son.

But Kainerugaba seemed to have received complaints that Northern Uganda had been left behind in the celebrations — or so is the strategy to head north and popularize the ‘MK Presidency Project.’

He has now announced that SG Todwong will head the committee that will organize ‘the mother of all parties’ as a way of the first’s son’s expression of his ‘love’ for Northern Uganda.

“As for my brothers and sisters in Northern Uganda. How can I ever forget you? I love you so much!! We are going to have the biggest party Uganda has ever seen!! I appoint Richard Todwong as chairman of the celebrations in Northern Uganda,” announced Muhoozi.

Meanwhile, the first son is expected to file his defence in a case in which a city lawyer wants him prosecuted for treason. But Muhoozi has since described the lawyer who has dragged him to the Constitutional Court as a ‘small hater,’ adding that the ‘Highest Judge’ was on his side and he would not fear. (Read Story Here).

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