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Muhinda: Portraying Besigye as long-serving public officer is regime propaganda

Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye and Museveni.

By Ronald Muhinda

Ronald Muhinda. Courtesy Photo.

For some of you who follow social media, there is an emerging narrative from the Museveni junta trying to present President Kizza Besigye as a PUBLIC OFFICER.

Take note: it’s a Museveni regime-sponsored propaganda against Besigye.

There is  now a suggestion on Twitter and Facebook that People’s Government (PG) is a Public Office yet it is outlawed in Uganda and Besigye is facing TREASON charges for declaration of the same.

People’s Government, which has previously been called a militant radical organization by some elites, is now, all of a sudden becoming a PUBLIC INSTITUTION with a President and structures holding Public Offices.

What has caused change of heart and mind of our elites? Desire to blackmail Besigye.

Well, if People’s Government headquartered at Plot 6 Katonga Rd in Nakasero has all of a sudden become a Public Office with Besigye a Public Officer, who contributes public funds to the operations of the Public Office?

Look! Public office has a description and role in government (in our case, it’s the Museveni Junta).

Pursuing change of regime by the People’s Government does not amount to holding  public office. [Besigye has not been a public officer for two decades]

Similarly, when the NRA was in the bush fighting, they didn’t occupy any public office. When the TDF were fighting Amin, they didn’t do so as Public officers in Uganda. They were mercaneries.

If educated Ugandans think  using public space (given to us by God) to fight a dictatorial regime is public office, then we have a completely foolish understanding of public office.

By the way, the weakest members of society, mentally, in Uganda are not the most vulnerable poor; its the elites: slow at analysis and quick at making conclusions and wrong judgment.

And also, presenting oneself for a public office doesn’t make one a public officer. Does it?

If I offer myself to be Chairman LCV Bushenyi District, MP Aspirant Igara West, Sub County Chairman Aspirant Kyamuhunga, Parish Chairman Mashonga or LC1 Chairman Mashonga Cell, it doesn’t make me a public officer. Does it?

But an FDC MP in Museveni Junta Parliament is a public officer.

And the whole intention is for elites to create a perception that Uganda is a democracy where there is democratic contest for power; that Museveni organizes and participates in free and fair elections which he wins and the declared Military leader.

It’s all a joke. Total Joke.

The writer is a member of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), and personal assistant to Dr Kizza Besigye

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