Muhinda: NRM using Naggayi to destroy Lukwago, and his relationship with Besigye, FDC

FDC Besigye and Lord Mayor Lukwago; Museveni and Nabilah Naggayi. Courtesy Photos

Politics is discipline. It’s about ideals, good character, focus, resilience and mission.

Ronald Muhinda
Ronald Muhinda

And so the assault against FDC and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago are intentional. The motive is to distablise the Lord Mayor, isolate him from the radical and resilient FDC support base and crash him.

And yet, Lukwago is a big asset of the liberation struggle. He has demonstrated so.

This has been the mission since 2010, where of course, Lukwago leaned towards FDC Defiance more than DP. That is why DP has been putting a candidate against Lukwago and FDC wasn’t because he is an ally.

Lukwago is also target because the junta wants to create suspicion and later a rift between President Kizza Besigye.

FDC at Najjanankumbi, Lukwago at City Hall and Besigye with People’s Government form a formidable Trinity that has not existed since 2012.

Now that the rift between FDC and People’s Government which the Junta always packaged as a ‘difference of ideology’ ended- obviously misplaced and stupid argument – the regime is opening another front by trying to force FDC to have a regime funded candidate appearing to hold an FDC flag against the FDC and PG ally. It will not happen.

At a strategic political level, Lukwago must be protected from vampires, and preserved.

Don’t think Nabilah Naggayi is desperate for FDC Flag because she has changed and loves FDC more than those who have never quit the party; truth is, she is a tool of a new front the junta is opening up to cause confusion among comrades and allies.

His political persuasion not withstanding, Lukwago is not just an ally; he is an integral player in FDC and PG political activities. And most importantly, he is loyal.

FDC, PG and political activists of good conscience know that Lukwago is DP, but they will fight for him because he is an ally loyal to the struggle.

Struggles thrive on comradeship. Lukwago is a comrade.

Those who will fight him work for Museveni Junta

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