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Zaake eyes ‘miraculously’ healed; MP ‘murders’ Queen’s language, leaves Ugandans confused about what podiatric physicians do

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Butebi Zaake says he has regained his eye sight and will not use glasses any more, but Ugandans are still debating what podiatric physicians have to do with treating an adult.

Last month, Zaake flew out of Uganda for treatment in the US.

He now says his eyes are completely healed.

“Very pleased to inform you that the expert physicians working on me have successfully restored my eye-sight,” Zaake announced.

“I won’t have to use the glasses anymore!”

MP Francis Zaake says he has regained his eyesight.

But that post is an edited version of the one that talked of Zaake receiving treatment from a pediatrician and ‘physians.’

Zaake’s initial post that murdered the Queen’s language.

Some of his critics wondered how Zaake who had claimed security officers had hurled poisonous substances into his eyes nearly turning him blind had miraculously regained his eyesight in a few days.

And while those critics questioned Zaake’s honesty, others thought he was ignorant when he talked of a podiatric physician working on his legs.

“I am now praying for the total recovery of functionality of my legs in a month’s time as promised by a podiatric physician,” the MP said in the edited post.

As far as this group of critics is concerned, even the word podiatric doesn’t exist – all they know is ‘pediatric’ and that has nothing to do with adults.

Yet, a podiatric physician, sometimes called a podiatrist or podiatric surgeon is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) who diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related structures of the leg (or generally, the lower extremity).

Zaake recently revealed his treatment would take six weeks.

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