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MP Otto ends ‘wedding’ with FDC, says only Besigye has vision

Aruu County MP Samuel Odonga Otto. Courtesy Photo

Aruu County MP Samuel Odonga Otto says his wedding with main opposition political party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has ended.

An MP for the same constituency since 2001, Otto says he left the party three years ago but had not made his move official.

Previously, Otto resigned his post as FDC secretary for youth.

In a July 15 media interview, Otto said he would rather forfeit his parliamentary seat in the 11th Parliament than run as an FDC candidate in the 2021 election.

“My wedding with FDC has ended. I want to have no business with them [FDC],” he said.

“I made that decision three years ago but I wish them well in their political endeavors .”

The MP dared FDC to field a candidate against him in the Aruu County parliamentary election.

“I would be very glad if FDC fronts a candidate against me. That’s when we will see that power belongs to the people.”

He has revealed he will soon join another political party, but not the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

“I will make a decision [on what political organisation to join] soon but of course not NRM. I will either look for one of the political parties.”


Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye. Courtesy Photo

Otto praised former FDC president Dr Kizza Besigye for his focus on ending President Yoweri Museveni’s rule.

“It looks like the party is not interested in state power. Other than Besigye, all other actors are not committed,” he said.

Otto is the second MP to officially leave FDC.

Last week, Jinja Municipality East MP Paul Mwiru crossed to Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation (ANT).

Mwiru, who served as the party’s deputy spokesperson, warned that discussing reasons for his defection would cause FDC’s disintegration.

Also, former leader of opposition in Parliament and Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza said she would not seek reelection.

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