MP Nambooze narrates how she survived being killed by armed attackers after NBS night show

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Bakireke Nambooze. Courtesy Photo

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Bakireke Nambooze has claimed she survived a scary night attack after appearing on NBS TV Barometer Akasameeme show on November 24.

Months ago, Nambooze and other panelists on the Barometer Akasameeme were forced to spend a night at the station for fear of being arrested by security agencies enforcing curfew restrictions.

Charles Rwomushana, another panelist, is still battling charges after he was arrested following his appearance on the same show.

Now, Nambooze feels the latest attack points to an attempt by the state to have the political show suspended.


In her words…

I have survived an ambush and attack on my life!

It has taken me over an hour to recollect and reorganise myself after surviving attackers who waylaid me as I returned home after a TV show.

[On November 24], when we reached NBS, we noticed that there were suspicious people around.

My security aide was taken aside for thorough checking as the Askaris at NBS accused him of having a gun (Pistol).

After the show, I teased RDC Fred Bamwine to drive back to Mukono with us so as to benefit from his security.

Outrightly, Bamwine refused, not knowing that it was just a joke on our side.

When we joined the main road, we were alarmed by two Premios parked strategically in a dark corner.

Bamwine drove at a high speed toward the City as we also took Ntinda side.

At Ntinda, because of road works going on, my driver slowed down and none of us can tell how it all happened…

A huge stone was thrown at our car, hitting the side I was sitting on and in a minute, stones and gunshots rained towards us.

Did these people want to kill me or was their mission for intimidation…intended to cause fear? Either way, it was so deadly.

Well, we don’t know how we have survived…

What I can say is that my driver is a very brave youngman…

He acted smart and raced the car off… the car was shattered but we have survived unhurt. We decided not to report to police… what for?

I only have my God to thank… I had moved with two of my daughters and two young men who work as my aides.

Well, every morning children from my neighbourhood have made it a routine to come to pray for me… My prayer Warriors, God heard your morning prayers and your lovely Mum has survived the junta today.

Barometer Political show seems to be the biggest media encounter the junta would love to suspend.

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