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MOTHER FROM HELL? ‘Heartless’ Woman Who Senselessly Beat Her Son Over Shs5,000 Arrested after Video Went Viral; Son Hospitalized

Deborah Apolot beating son Mark Omiat

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) has confirmed the arrest of Deborah Apolot for allegedly assaulting her 10-year-old son Mark Omiat.

Apolot was arrested by officers from Kira Road Police Station after a video of her ruthlessly beating her son went viral on social media. According to KMP, the incident was captured on camera by the neighbours who later informed officers.

The incident is said to have happened in Kikaya in Kampala, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Luke Owoyesigyire, the KMP deputy spokesperson.

ASP Owoyesigyire confirmed that Apolot was arrested on May 09 at around 9pm.

She confessed to beating the child as was was recorded in the video and explained that she was angry because she had sent Omiat to the shop with Shs5,000 to help her buy some things only for his son not to return home as expected.

“The suspect alleges that yesterday in the morning she gave Shs5,000 to her child to buy grocery at the shop. She said the boy didn’t return at home,” reported Owoyesigyire.

“She said she looked for the child and found him before taking him home. She admitted beating her son as a punishment for misbehavior.”

The KMP police publicist further confirmed that Omiat, the victim, sustained serious injuries for which he is receiving treatment at Victoria Hospital. Apolot is expected to face charges of child torture.

The incident happened hours on the same day that another case of assault was filmed and shared online where it went viral. An angry military officer was recorded grabbing a traffic police officer by the collar after he refused to clear his vehicle in thick traffic jam. (Read Story Here).

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