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Why NTV’s Andrew Kabura put on dress for Press Box

Andrew Kabura in a dress on NTV Press Box after he lost bet on Manchester United vs Chelsea game. Courtesy Photo

NTV Uganda’s Press Box show host Andrew Kabura wore a dress for his July 20 night program after he lost a bet for an FA match.

Ahead of the Manchester United FA clash with Chelsea, Kabura and co-host Joel Khamadi placed bets on the game, the former in support of Manchester United, the latter for Chelsea.

“Folks, Manchester United v Chelsea at 8pm.Andrewkabuura and Joel Khamadi made a bet. If United win, Joel will wear a vest on the show. Should Chelsea win, Andrew will wear a dress,” read a July 19 tweet from Press Box.

With the game ending 3:1 in favour of Chelsea, Kabura had no option but host the show in a dress.

Andrew Kabura preparing for NTV Press Box in a dress
Andrew Kabura preparing for NTV Press Box in a dress after he lost a bet. Courtesy Photo

“I obviously made a mistake. But we move!” he said.

Fellow sports host Patrick Kanyomozi, also the president of Uganda Sports Journalists Association (Uspa) wondered what NTV viewers had done “to deserve this.”

“So Andrew Kabuura is supposed to wear a dress on TV today! This is the worst thing I have seen on TV. Andrew Kabura in a dress looks like a poor man’s version of Amanda, of Amanda’s Angels.”

Kanyomozi further joked that Kabura’s wife and NTV news anchor Flavia Tumusiime should “hide your dresses, let him [Kabura] go shopping.”

He also urged producers to “do viewers a favour and ‘cut off’ the bu legs.” But Flavia defended Kabura, consoling him: “what’s mine is yours.”

NTV colleague Raymond Mujuni warned: “The lesson here is to never bet on small teams. My colleague Andrew Kabuura lost a bet that landed him into a dress for the entire show.”

But other people like police political commissar Asan Kasingye had kind words for Kabura.

“I like Andrew. A sports journalist that loves his club so passionately. He doesn’t pretend in the interest of journalism. I loved his tweet. ‘The world vs ManU,” wrote Kasingye.

“At the end of the game, ‘what was that?’ He literally teaches us how to tolerate each other despite club differences.”

At the end of the show, Kabura wrote: Thank you for watching NTV Press Box. Easily the most embarrassing thing I’ve done on air. Never to bet again!”

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