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Moka Petrol Station Fire: Preliminary findings say fire started from truck

Police officer and a burning station: Courtesy photos

There was a fire outbreak at the Moka Energy Petrol Station in Entebbe Municipality September 21 evening.

The fire started at about 05:40pm at the fuel station located at Kitala near Garuga Road.

Fire fighters, using two fire tenders were driven to the scene of the fire and “were able to contain the fire from spreading any further,” said Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire.

“Preliminary investigations show that the fire could have started from one truck (Canter) which was loading fuel in jerry cans that were to be transported to a landing site.”

Officers also put out fire that had spread from the petrol station and caught a Sedan car.

“No casualties have been registered,” added Owoyesigyire.

The fire came a day after an inferno at Makerere University where the Main Building was burnt.

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