Mirundi not ruling mafia out of accident plot

Tamale Mirundi. Courtesy Photo

Presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi cannot confirm mafia gang was behind last week’s accident but says the man in the car that knocked him looked suspicious.

On Friday, Mirundi sustained minor injuries in an accident at Zana along Entebbe Road.

The incident came on the heels of the suspension of his ‘One on One’ show on NBS TV – which he believed had the mafia’s hand in it.

When news of Mirundi’s accident broke, some quickly suspected the mafia he has been exposing in his media shows had plotted to silence him forever.

In his narration of the events leading to the crash, Mirundi suspects it could have been his enemies or some confused man trying to beat curfew before/after a cheating spree.

“We were first stopped since the president’s convoy was passing by. When we were allowed to move, the car came from an opposite direction targeting us,” he recalled in a Youtube show.

“I wonder where it came from. When you hear a recorded audio of the mafia, they are very desperate to finish me.

“But right now, I cannot confirm that it was them. I don’t know whether it was intentional.”

Mirundi also recalls seeing a girl and a man in the car that knocked his.“The man who was driving had a girl inside, I think he was rushing to go the lodge since it was approaching curfew time,” he narrated.

“When they knocked us, the girl stayed in their car; she was very scared.”

Yet the commentator read something in the man behind the steering wheel.

“The way he was big-headed, I think he had a hidden motive because he knew me. He refused to move out of the car.”

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